One hundred 5th graders join fight against obesity

On August 31st, The Chris Canty Foundation along with Fitness Gurus joined in to spread the spirit of Michelle Obama’s National “Let’s Move” Campaign. Over 100 5th graders were put to the test as they participated in a fun fitness challenge.
Fitness Experts in attendance were former NFL player Tony George/Owner of Heat Pro-Fitness, Sincier White of Superior Performance Training, Aly Faber of Peace In/Peace Out, and Sabrina Burns, “The Fitness Princess”. Activities included a 20 minute power yoga challenge with Aly Faber and her fitness team, an ultimate pushup challenge contest by Sabrina Burns, an inspiration speech about fighting obesity by Sincier White, and multiple challenging fitness activities by former NFL player Tony George. Working through his own struggles, Tony spoke to the crowd about conquering his battle with diabetes. “It doesn’t bother me at all, drafted in the fourth round by the Patriots. It’s just something that I have. To me it’s more of a reality check than anything else. It makes me more of a down to earth and a harder working person. Students enjoyed a free Chris Canty Foundation Kids On The Move T-shirt, a healthy snack, and special fitness awards. The day was topped off by a group chant of the National Let’s Move Pledge.

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