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New York City Cleanup For Change - May 20, 2016

The Chris Canty Foundation's Cleanup For Change initiative is teaming up with Viacom and Partnerships for Parks in New York City. Join us on Friday, May 20th to care for St. Nicholas Park in Manhattan.The Cleanup for Change mission is to provide youth with a platform to serve communities in need of beautification initiatives and to educate youth on the importance of recycling and green communities. In addition, the program reminds participants it is our responsibility to preserve and protect our environment, and to keep our communities clean. Community pride plays a huge role in community development and the preservation of history. All volunteers will meet with St. Nicholas Park, with the meeting location at W.135th St. and St. Nicholas, and the time-frame from 9:30am-1pm. Click here to register!rack', 'ViewContent');

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